CIS 1920 - Professional Development I
E-Mentoring - Spring 2007

Now Available!! Lessons Learned from Spring 2007 E-Mentoring.

The purpose of the PD E-Mentoring program is to pair current CIS students with CIS alumni who are in the professional workforce. Alumni have the privilege of serving as professional role models for current students, and to pass along nuggets of wisdom and advice for navigating the major and the preparatory stages of career development. The list of e-mentors for the current term is given in the E-Mentor Directory.

E-Mentoring is a structured set of interactions between the mentor and mentee. The expectations for mentors are presented in the Guidelines for Mentors.

If you are a CIS alum and would would like to serve as an e-mentor, simply complete the E-Mentor Registration form. The E-Mentoring Coordinator will contact you inform you who your mentee is.

You should regularly visit the CIS Alumni Page to stay abreast of breaking news and upcoming events. Stay tuned ... the site will be evolving in content and style over the coming weeks.

E-mentees are currently enrolled CIS students, typically students in the Professional Development courses (PD I, PD III). All mentees are expected to follow the Guidelines for Mentees.

This is our second experiment with E-Mentoring. Additional information about e-mentoring and free software tools to support e-mentoring can be found at It is also possible to subscribe to a paid e-mentoring service such as

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