Graduate Program - Master of Science in Software Engineering Science


The Department of CIS began offering a Masters Degree in Software Engineering Science (MSES) in 1996. This degree may be a terminal degree for software engineering professionals or preparation for receiving a Ph.D. in computing.

Graduate Faculty

  • Dr. Bhanu Prasad, Assistant Professor, Knowledge-Based Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Electronic Commerce
  • Dr. Clement Allen, Associate Professor and MSES Director, Spoken language interfaces, Graphics and Distributed Software Engineering
  • Dr. Usha Chandra, Associate Professor, Real-Time Systems, Distributed Software Engineering
  • Dr. Yili Tseng, Visiting Assistant Professor, parallel processing, high-performance computing, database
  • Dr. Bobby Granville, Assistant Professor, Artificial Intelligence
  • Dr. Marion Harmon, Professor, Real-Time Systems, Parallel Computing, Distributed Software Engineering
  • Dr. Thorna Humphries, Assistant Professor, Databases
  • Dr. Edward Jones, Associate Professor and CIS Chairman, Reengineering, Measurement, Testing, Software Safety
  • Dr. Kenneth Riggs, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Deidre Williams Evans, Associate Professor, Real-Time Specification, Image Compression

Admission Requirements

 MSES Degree Requirements

Graduate Course Descriptions  

Thesis and Graduation Guidelines

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Last Updated: October 18, 2003