B.S. in Computer Information Science

Mission Statement

To provide fundamental knowledge and relevant experience to support careers involving the application, advancement and creation of computer software technology.

Program Objectives

Each graduate of the Computer Information Science program shall be able to:

1. Graduates will be able to demonstrate strong knowledge of the theoretical and mathematical bases of computer science.
2. Graduates will be able to demonstrate a strong knowledge of the functional components of a computer system.
3. Graduates will be able to demonstrate the acquisition of critical thinking skills.
4. Graduates will be able to demonstrate strong technical communication skills both orally and in writing.
5. Graduates will be able to seek advanced studies in computer related fields and contribute as a computer science professional in the real world.
6. Graduates will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the social and ethical issues in the computer science field.

Program Description

This program of study leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Science. The major requires 46 hours of required CIS courses, 6 hours of elective CIS courses, 19 hours of mathematics, 14 hours of laboratory science, 36 hours of general education requirements, including electives outside the major, and up to 2 hours of professional development. This program gives the student a broad knowledge of computer science. Core courses provide foundations in programming, data structures, programming languages, computer architecture, systems software, and theoretical foundations of computing.

This major incorporates a significant experiential component, involving teamwork, internships, and undergraduate research. Many courses require students to work in teams to solve technical problems. Teams formulate solutions, present, and defend their work. Students also are encouraged to work as corporate interns during the summer. Students are also afforded opportunities to do research with faculty members. In the capstone course sequence, student teams perform the entire software lifecycle to develop an application for a departmental, university, or corporate client.

Computer Information Science Curriculum

Computer Information Science Course Descriptions


The admission requirements are the same as the requirements of FAMU and please visit  FAMUs webpage for admissions requirements.
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