Ken Riggs
I am Ken Roger Riggs, Assistant Professor of CIS. I have a BA in Philosophy from IU Bloomington (78) , an MS in CS from UCF (84) and a PhD in EE & CS from U. of Miami (98). I have taught as a visiting assistant professor (UCF 1982-1983), assistant professor (Flagler College, 1984-1987), Instructor (UCF 1987-1982) and graduate school lecturer (U of Miami, 1994-1997) and associate professor at FAMU (1997- present) along with other casual appointments. I had previously been a programmer with the Budget Department of Indiana University, Bloomington (1976 -1978) and a programmer analyst with the Institute for Research in Public Safety (1978-1980).

In 4 years at FAMU, I have participated and obtained two grants as CO-PI totaling about $2.5 million. and recently published 1 major journal article. I am directing one masters student (Shawana Brown, Casual Databases) and one undergraduate research assistant (Abernathy, Web Based Tools for Automata Theory). I have also been a referee for Southeast Regional ACM and a proposal reviewer for NSF.

My research interests center around knowledge engineering and representation as applied to IR, the WEB and Software Engineering. I have taught a variety of courses in the areas of programming languages, computer concepts, AI and expert systems, information retrieval and software engineering. I have also served on a variety of departmental and university level committees.
Recent Publications
"XML and Free Text", R. Riggs, Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, (to appear 2002)

"Production Rules as Programming", R. Riggs, ACM Southeast Conference, Clemson, S.C., April 7-8, 2000

"A General Purpose Refactoring Browser", R. Riggs, S. Stoecklin, (in preparation)
Courses Taught
    Graduate Courses:
  • COT5310 Theory of Programming Languages and Automata
  • CIS5930 Special Topics: Knowledge Representation and XML
  • CEN5075 Software Engineering
  • COP5015 Operating Systems
    Undergraduate Courses:
  • CAP4680 Expert Systems
  • CIS4932 Special Topics: Information Retrieval
  • CIS4932 Special Topics: Data Mining
  • COT4210 Foundations of Computer Theory
  • COP4020 Programming Languages
  • COT4400 Design & Analysis of Algorithms
  • COP3016 Operating Systems
  • COP2221 C Programming
  • COP2532 Data Structures
  • COP1215 Introduction to Programming
  • CDA3101 Computer Concepts
  • CIS3040 Management Information Systems
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