Marion Harmon
Dr. Marion Harmon, Chairman of the Computer Science Department from 1993 - 2001, was responsible for procuring more than $10,000,000 in government and private sector grants and donations for the computer science department at Florida A&M University. He is currently involved in the $30,000,000 Army High Performance Computing Research Center, Category 6.1 Army RDT&E grant. Dr. Harmon is currently the director for the Center for Distributed Computing: Theory, Application and Practice. The center is funded by the National Science Foundation's CREST program. Dr. Harmon was a McKnight Fellow (one of 25 in the country) during his Ph.D. candidacy. Dr. Harmon specializes in real-time systems, particularly performance management. His dissertation, "Predicting Execution time of Contemporary Computer Architectures", included a survey of traditional methods of predicting the execution time of code segments prior to execution. This new techniques, called Micro Analysis, has been published and the Office of Naval Research has funded additional research on this subject. Dr. Harmon has implemented a timing tool that uses the Micro Analysis technique and looks forward to having real-time software developers use the tool to determine the worst-case execution of time-critical code segments prior to execution. Dr. Harmon's Masters project, " A Program Library Management System", applied software engineering methods and database technology to the problem of managing large software development projects. Dr. Harmon's work for various state agencies included design implementation of large database systems.
Recent Publications
"Bounding Pipeline and Instruction Cache Performance" by Christopher A. Healy, Robert D. Arnold, Frank Mueller, David Whalley, Marion G. Harmon in the Journal of the IEEE Transactions on Computers, VOL 48, NO.1, January 1999

"Timing Analysis for Data and Wrap- Around Fill Caches" by R.T. White and F. Mueller and C. Healy and D. Whalley and M. Harmon in Real Time Systems Journal, VOL 17, NO.2/3, 1999 Pages 209-233.

"Transparent Real-Time Monitoring in MPI " by S.H. Russ, R. Jean-Baptiste, T.S.K. Kumar, and M. Harmon, Fourth International Workshop on Embedded High Performance Computing Systems and Applications, in J. Rolim, editor, Parallel and Distributed Processing, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 1586, Springer-Verlag, 1999, pp. 1327-1334.
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