Edward Jones
I am Dr. Edward L. Jones. I joined the CIS faculty in the fall of 1994 as a Visiting Professor from Harris Corporation. During my 13 years as a software engineer with Harris, I worked on numerous software engineering technology projects, including software reuse, technology transfer, integrated development environments, and software measurement, including an assignment at the Software Productivity Consortium. My career has focused on the transfer of software technology into the workplace.

Currently, I direct the FAMU Software TestLab, an environment for training software testing practitioners and researchers. TestLab activities are funded by the NSF SEREL grant, and by grants from major corporations such as Dell Computer, Lucent Technologies, Abbott Laboratories, 3M, and Lockheed-Martin. Check out the TestLab web site at http://www.cis.famu.edu/~testlab/pro-index.htm.
I am interested in a number of topics in teaching and software engineering, all related the application of software technology. My current research focus is software testing and other quality disciplines. The goals of this research are to identify and transfer testing techniques into the educational process and to raise up a generation of software test practitioners and researchers. Active projects include automated object-oriented built-in self-testing, mutation testing, model-based testing, decision--based testing, and tester training.
I founded the FAMU Software TestLab, and publish the TestLab Bulletin newsletter which describes on-going and planned TestLab activities. I have presented my work at regional, national and international conferences, and have received positive feedback on my approach. I was a keynote speaker at an international conference on software testing. I have received $85,000 corporate support for my research, have submitted proposals of $500K as PI, and am co-PI on a grant of $1.5M over five years.
Courses Taught
Programming, Systems Analysis, Data Structures, Software Engineering, Verification & Validation, Safety, Reengineering.
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