Undergraduate Program - Graduation

Applying for Graduation
Students wishing to graduate in any particular semester must turn in graduation applications to Ms. Crowell by the deadline which be announced on the webpage and posted around the department.

These are the steps you should follow in completing your application:
  1. Immediately take care of any grade changes and forgiveness policy and transfer requests regarding your previous course work.
  2. Request an up-to-date official or unofficial copy of your transcript from the registrar's office. This copy must list the courses you are currently enrolled in.
  3. Meet with your advisor to review your progress toward meeting the graduation requirements.
  4. In conjunction with your Senior advisor complete the correct CURRICULUM PLANNING AND PROGRESS FORM (CPPF) for the CIS option and curriculum under which you will graduate. Secure a signature from the advisor to confirm your graduation application has been evaluated. Please fill out a course substitution form for appropriate courses if the course numbers on your CPPF and the transcript do not match and get them signed by your advisor.
  5. From the CIS office, obtain the department's "Evaluation for Graduation" form and the university's APPLICATION FOR GRADUATION form. Complete and submit them along with your current transcript to Ms. Crowell in the CIS office.
  6. Obtain and submit an exiting survey from the front office. This survey must be turned in as a requirement for graduation.
  7. Provide two contact telephone numbers. You will be contacted if there is any problem with your graduation application.
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Last Updated: December 9, 2001