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Title Phone Number (850) Office webpage
Allen, Clement allen[at]cis.famu.edu Associate Professor 412-7359 310A ~allen
Barnes, Malcolm mbarnes[at]cis.famu.edu Instructor 412-7356 211C ~mbarnes
Bhanu, Prasad bhanu.prasad[at]famu.edu Assistant Professor 412-7350 207  
Black, Jason jblack[at]cis.famu.edu Assistant Professor 412-7354 211B ~jblack
Chandra, Usha uchandra[at]cis.famu.edu Associate Professor 412-7352 211A ~uchandra
Chatmon, Christy cchatmon[at]cis.famu.edu Instructor 412-7353 211A ~cchatmon
Granville, Bobby granvill[at]cis.famu.edu Associate Professor 412-7360 310B ~granvill
Harmon, Marion harmon[at]cis.famu.edu Professor 599-8899 300 ~harmon
Jones, Edward ejones[at]cis.famu.edu Associate Professor 599-3042 307 ~ejones
Riggs, Ken riggs[at]cis.famu.edu Associate Professor 412-7351 213B ~riggs
Deidre W. Evans evans[at]cis.famu.edu Associate Professor 599-3964
312 ~Evans
Chris Nowicki to be announced Visiting   104  
Chi, Hongmei hchi[at]cis.famu.edu Visiting Assistant Professor      
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Last Updated: October 18, 2003