Computing Facilities Overview

The Department of CIS maintains several computer laboratories in the Benjamin Banneker Technology Building 'A'. They are the Open, Teaching, Sun, Security and Graduate laboratories. The computing system also provides remote access through Microsoft Terminal Services and centralized application service.

The server facility consists of four Dell PowerEdge servers, a SunFire V880 Server, two SunFire 280R servers, and one SUN Enterprise 450 on an Ethernet LAN to provide e-mail, Web, and other Internet services to the students. The servers in the server facility also provide client-server applications such as Oracle 8i, MATLAB, and Micro Focus COBOL, as well as Gnu C Compiler (gcc) and other Gnu software.

The Graduate Laboratory was established to develop further research efforts in distributed computing. Faculty and students use this lab with over to conduct research in real-time systems, heterogeneous distributed databases, formal architectural specification, design of real-time distributed systems, information retrieval, fuzzy logic, software testing, and spoken language interfaces.  A robotics research component has been added to this lab as well.  In conjunction with Carnegie-Mellon University research into robotics and their control is being conducted.

Based on a National Science Foundation grant, a Security Lab has been established.  Built around networking equipment donated by the Cisco Corporation, this lab is involved in teaching and researching network security issues and practices.

The Department of CIS maintains a CIS Open Laboratory consisting of 48 of Pentium 4 computers on a MS Windows 2003 Local Area Network (LAN). The workstations are configured with Microsoft Office 2003 Professional, SUN JD, MicroFocus Cobol, Eclipse, MS .Net, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Visio. This laboratory is available to CIS students and university students taking science related CIS computer courses. Students may use this laboratory for microcomputer applications, COBOL, Database, and IS Project Courses.

The Department also maintains a Teaching Laboratory consisting of thirty-one Dell GX280 Pentium 4 computers on a Windows LAN. The Teaching Laboratory provides an environment for hands-on instructional courses. Workstations are configured the same as those of the General Laboratory with some additional software as required by the courses, e.g. Train & Assess IT.

The Sun Lab consists of 8 SUNBlade 1500s, 10 Sun Java workstations, and 8 Dell GX280 workstations. This laboratory is used mainly by faculty and student research in software engineering and students taking data communications, microcomputer applications, and C, C++, JAVA, and ADA programming. It is configured as a client/server system.


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Last Updated: May 21, 2007