The Black Archive’s museum holdings have brought the center much fame. The majority of Carnegie Library is used as museum exhibition areas. These exhibit areas consist of informative displays on various people, groups, and subjects important to African American history and culture. The exhibits span the time period of ancient Africa to the present. Some exhibits are permanent, while other and temporary and rotating exhibiting exhibitions. The center also schedules special traveling exhibits that are pertinent to African Americans in the nation and the State of Florida.

Special Exhibit Rooms

The Steele – Alexander Memorial Upper Room:
This room is a small, quiet retreat commemorating the history, influence, and contributions of the African American church in Florida and throughout America. The area features museum memorabilia from historical African American churches located in Florida and surrounding areas. Archival collections pertaining to African American religion are also housed in this location. The room is named in honor of Rev. Charles K. Steele, a former pastor of Bethel Baptist Church and the leader of the Tallahassee Bus Boycott, and his protégé Rev. Herbert Alexander.

Joe Lang Kershaw FAMUana Room:
Memorabilia displayed in this room depict almost a century of educational and social life at Florida A&M University. Historical regalia from the school early history, as well as artifacts belonging to outstanding and famous administrators, faculty, staff, students, and organizations are featured. The room is also used for small groups gathered for special lectures, presentations, and social events. The room is named in honor of the Late Joe Lang Kershaw, a FAMU graduate and the first African American since Reconstruction to serve in the Florida Legislature. During his term in office, Kershaw sponsored a bill that led to the creation of the Black Archives Research Center and Museum.

Special Museum Exhibits