Because Florida A&M University is Florida’s only historically black, state-supported institution of higher education, the university and its graduates have had a profound impact on the economic, educational, social, political and religious development and advancement of African Americans in Florida and neighboring states. Thus, the center houses several collections pertaining to FAMU’s history. These collections include papers and memorabilia from past and present FAMU presidents, administrators, faculty, staff members, schools, colleges and departments within the University, as well as, student organizations.

In 1996, a cooperative venture between the Black Archives, the Florida Bureau of Historical Preservation, Division of Historical Resources, the United States Department of the Interior, and FAMU’s School of Architecture resulted in Florida A&M University and its surrounding neighborhoods being designated as a federal historic district, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Clearly, the University and the research center both have national and international implications, and both continue to play a major role in fostering improved race relations between America’s diverse and constantly growing population.

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