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Historical Background

The Southeastern Regional Black Archives Research Center and Museum at the Union Bank, also known as the Black Archives’ Capitol Complex Extension, is a joint public service project between the Florida Department of State and the Florida A & M University. The concept to have an extension branch of the Black Archives came in 1996, when interior renovations to Carnegie Library, the original home of the Black Archives, began. The museum artifacts and archival records on exhibit at the Union Bank represent a small portion of the center’s larger holdings located at the main Black Archives museum on the campus of Florida A&M University. Because of its location in the historic downtown district of Tallahassee, and its close proximity to the State Capitol, the exhibits at the Union Bank give special attention to outstanding African American Floridians, the state’s first African American public officials and law officers, significant businesses and organizations. Oftentimes, the Union Bank features special exhibits, lectures, and programs developed especially for preschoolers and other school-age children, and senior community members and groups.

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